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We would be thrilled to receive you in CORDOBA!

Our address is Tucuman 443, CORDOBA, Argentina xp 5000.

If you want to send a package please remember it takes from 2 to 3 months to arrive.

Our email is, office phone number: 00543514224692. For emergencies: 005493516114126.

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Our residences are the best choice if you want to share time with many students from different countries and diverse cultures; this is the way to localy and get to know different perspectives from common experience. You will be able to enjoy the independence that you need, and at the same time, getting to know friends from all over the world.

We have fully equipped residences for you to enjoy all the comforts. In addition, they are located in strategically important points of the city; near business areas, shopping centres, theatres, movie theatres, bars and restaurants.

If the option that you choose for your stay is a student residence, you can decide about having:

 • Private Room

• Shared Room

• No Meals 


 We work with a group of families carefully selected. The main motivation of these families to host foreign students is their interest in sharing their customs and their daily life with people of different cultures.

The main advantage of staying with a family is the possibility of getting to know better the customs, the way of life and mostly, the possibility of practicing the language 24 hours a day. Our students will add to their learning experience a personal experience that makes them feel at home, establishing bonds that will last in time.

If the option that you choose for your stay is a host family, you can decide about having:

• Private Room 

• Shared Room

• No Meals

• Half Board  or just breakfast


The main advantage of staying in a shared apartment is the possibility of getting to know the customs and to have a little bit more independence than in a host family. You wont be sharing with a lot of other people, the groups are more reduced that a student residence. You wont have to respect eating rules, bathing rules etc. Most of the apartments are shared with local students!




 Volunteer and internship programs requiere a one time payment no matter how long the program is; it includes: tutoring, insuarances for the host institutions, emergency service and student visa paperwork for all countries.

 Internships – USD 410.

Volunteer work – USD 410.

Sport program – USD 890. (1 month training in soccer team with host family accommodation).

Scholarship program regular – USD 1360. // BOLSA: USD 590.


Registration fee – USD 35.

10 private lessons – USD 150.

20 group lessons – USD 155.

30 group lessons – USD 270.

20 GROUP + 10 PRIVATE special contents – USD 285.

Insuarance – USD 150.

Study material – USD 50 p/b



 • Host family private room w/ breakfast – USD 170.

• Host family private room HALF BOARD – USD 210.

• Host family shared room w/ breakfast – USD 155.

• Host family shared room HALF BOARD – USD 180.

 • Student residence private room NO meals – USD 160.

• Student residence shared room – USD 140.



Able interning


Benefits of an international internship
• First, they provide contacts and experience with a multinational twist. In our growing international economy, employers often like to see that you are comfortable communicating across cultures.
• Second, internships abroad take you a bit further out of your comfort zone than an internship at home would. Again, employers like to see that you are willing to take on a challenge.

• Third, in terms of subject matter, it is always helpful to expand your viewpoints by learning things from a new perspective. A business abroad may have different best practices, for example, while a political organization abroad might take a different stance on the issues. When you return home, you bring those ideas back with you.

• Fourth, if you want to really immerse yourself in the local culture, what better way than by working with the people? Interning abroad is an amazing way to make local friends, learn the local language (or slang) and feel a part of the local community. It can enhance your overall experience and make you feel more at home.

For these reasons and more, an internship abroad can be both personally rewarding and beneficial to your career. 

Our most popular projects are:

  • Administration and Human Resources: You will be an administrative and human resources assistant at one of the most prestigious chain of restaurants in Córdoba.
  • Marketing and communication: Volunteers will help in the areas of Marketing, and Communication, Creation and production of technical elements of dissemination, Media Planning (negotiation, purchase and control of advertising space).

  •  Business management: You will work in a company that provides its customers with products of high quality, assistance and IT services. Volunteers will be able to help in the daily activities of the project manager.
  • Accounting: You will work in an accountant’s office whose main objective is to give comprehensive counseling to all of their clients, providing the financial tools to obtain precise information that could help them take good financial decisions.
  • International Commerce: You will work for a group that is formed by different companies dedicated to the commercialization of various products such as peanuts & nuts, cartridge and a trader dedicated to develop their commercial network overseas.

  • Graphic Design and Communication: You will assist in a multimedia agency that has a vast experience of over 16 years in the creation and implementation of communicational & marketing strategies
  • Tourism: You will be able to assist in one of the most important Travel Agencies in Córdoba.

Able volunteering


Think about how much you receive when you give and consider volunteering. You may have several different reasons. Here are just a few of the many possible motivations identified by some of our volunteers:

 • to feel needed

• to share a skill

• to get to know a community

• to demonstrate commitment to a cause/belief

• to gain leadership skills

• satisfaction from accomplishment

• to donate your skills

• to have an impact

• to be challenged

• to feel proud

• to make new friends

• to explore a career

• to be part of a team

• to build your resume

 You will probably have some special reasons of your own.. Once you’re on the volunteer job, you will continue to serve as long as you feel that your efforts are accomplishing something, that your talents are appreciated, and that you make a difference. And if you also like the people with whom you work, so much the better!

Our most popular projects are:

Social Care:

  • Day care centers: you will assist in early stimulation centers for babies and kids up to 5 years old. Activities can vary from playing games, to drawing, singing, swimming, studying English, and farming, among others.
  • ONGs: You will be able to give underprivileged children some opportunities to develop capacities that will help them improve their quality of life. Be ready to sing, play and interact with children and also their parents.

  • Summer schools: You will work with more than 100 kids from 7 to 18 years old. You will help teachers with different sports like football, volleyball, athleticism and basketball mainly.


  • Schools and kindergartens: You will help children and teenagers to learn English as a second language. Some volunteers can also help in other subjects mainly crafts activities or sports.

Hospital and medicine:

  • Medicine: You will be able to work in hospitals that offer an impressive array of specialties and services. Volunteers will be able to assist nurses and doctors in everyday activities both in privileged and unprivileged areas of Córdoba. Pflegepraktikums and fachpraktikums also available!

  • Farmstays and Equestrian projects You will work in a project that combines  farmstay with tourism. Volunteers will work as guides during horse riding tours; they will also have to help with the caring of the animal in general and assist tourists that visit the farm.
  • Hippotherapy: Our hippotherapy center is a governmental project where patients with no medical insurance can receive treatment for free. Their mission is to provide children with special needs with equine-assisted activities and occupational therapies to help them improve their quality of life in a safe and caring environment.

  • Gender equality: Volunteers will help in a foundation that mobilizes financial and technical resources in order to promote women’s rights in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. The main focus is on Networks and Partnerships, Women Rights and Citizenship, Sexual Diversity and Labor rights.

Able Spanish

Why learn spanish?


1. Communicate with 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide.

2. Communicate with Spanish-speaking people at home.

3. Learn Spanish to enhance your travel experiences.

4. Use Spanish to improve your employment potential.

5. Learn Spanish to improve your knowledge of your own language.

6. Learn Spanish to prepare for study abroad opportunities.

7.Learning Spanish makes acquiring the next foreign language easier.

8. Gain access to Spanish art, music, literature and film.

We have 6 different levels of SPANISH courses: A1 – A2 – B1 – B2 – C1 – C2. Our teachers are all bilingual and we have our own study material according to the international exam DELE.

If you want to check your SPANISH level try  our online test click here!

 You can choose between the following options:


These courses are designed for those students who wish to take part in a fast learning of the language, combined with social and cultural activities that allow them to practice it at the same time.

The academic syllabus covers all the aspects of the language learning process (writing, reading, speaking and understanding) with special emphasis on the development of communicational skills on the part of the student. The objective is that the language acquisition can be further enhanced by its continuous use in real life situations and contexts.

This course includes 4 daily hours of group Spanish lessons (20 hours per week). This course begins every Monday for the 6 levels that offers



 This program is directed to those students who need a more intensive learning of the language in a short period of time, including all the areas of the language.

These courses have duration of 30 hours per week, combining group lessons (20 hours per week) and individual lessons (10 hours per week). Group lessons will allow you to go through the general contents of Spanish language along with your classmates, whereas in the individual classes you can work reinforcing those areas in which you feel weaker, as well as to include contents related to those subjects that interest you the most. In addition, the social and cultural activities that offers, give you the possibility of practicing what you learn in class and live from inside the Argentine culture.

The Full Immersion Spanish Courses also begin every Monday for all levels.


Flexible schedule

The main advantage of these courses is that they are completely tailored made and programmed according to your time availability. The customized attention of the teacher will allow you to include not only the general aspects of the language but those subjects that interest you the most at an individual level. You will also enjoy the cultural and social activities that we organize and, in this way, come in contact with the uses and customs of South Americans.

These courses are available for all the levels, can begin any day of the week and will have the duration that you wish.


Group lessons

The Spanish and Special Contents Courses will allow you to learn the language in a fast and effective way, combining group classes that include the general contents of the language (reading, writing, understanding and conversation) with individual classes oriented towards your specific interests. Also, the extracurricular activities related to the contents selected previously will be designed for you to learn and enjoy our culture simultaneously. These courses last 30 hours per week and also begin every Monday for each level.


About us

Check our promotional video!

Our organization is like a family that offers each student an integrating frame that facilitates immersion in the local society. Because our students are part of this family, and because the family of ABLE SPANISH is the base of our success, we invite you to take part of this adventure of learning Spanish as an South American.

Why argentina?

There are many things that attract thousands of tourists to Argentina every year: tango, landscapes, gauchos, incredibly low prices. But each Spanish student who chooses our country knows exactly that it is the full complement of these things, and specially their variety, that makes Argentina an extremely interesting destination.

Its capital is well-known by its sophistication and glamour, resemblance of European capitals such as Paris or Madrid. There are so many options that you can spend days visiting its museums, parks, historical centers, bars, discos and still need more time to visit new places.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Outstanding places and Activities

• The Perito Moreno Glacier in southern province of Santa Cruz.

• The Iguazú Falls in the beautiful and natural province of Misiones.

• The mystical “Quebrada de Humahuaca” in Jujuy.

• The Jesuit Ruins in Cordoba, recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

• Visits to the internationally recognized vineyards in Mendoza.

• Skiing at the beautiful Bariloche.

• A trip to Ushuaia, the “city of the end of the world”.

• Enjoying Buenos Aires architecture and sophistication.

• A visit to the amazing Moon Valley in San Juan. 

 Why cordoba?

The life in Córdoba what to expect!

You are about to discover a unique and privileged place in South America, a city recognized by its history, culture, and university tradition. It is also characterized by the beauty of its landscapes of hills, rivers, and lakes, the elegance of its malls, its artistic vanguard, and its role as an unquestionable protagonist in the formation and development of Argentina. All these features make Córdoba one of the best options to take courses in any field of study, do businesses, or enjoy some vacations in a place where old traditions intermingle with the energy and modernity of an open, cult, and tolerant society.

 Since Córdoba is one of the safest cities in Argentina, you can look around it at any time. The university life concentrates more than 150,000 students who come not only from the country, but also from South America, Europe, and Australia. Its academic offer, and its varied thematic, sporting, artistic, and entertaining activities have turned Córdoba in the most important student city in Argentina.

Because of its characteristics, Córdoba has an outstanding nightlife with many pubs and discos. It has also modern buildings, and malls, that together with its landscapes, mountain adventures, its rich vegetation and the local fauna make Córdoba the perfect place to combine the urban with the natural.

 The “Cordobeses” people are very friendly towards the eager traveler and they will make you feel at home while you explore the history and magic of the area.

 Córdoba – TIPS!

 This is a quiet city but is always helpful to know certain things until you are used to our customs.

• Try to trade your money during week days. On weekends it will be difficult to find an Exchange point. Our national coin is the peso argentino and the exchange rate is: 1 dollar = 17 pesos.

• If you have to ride the bus, you will need “cospeles” to pay and you can find them at the Kiosks for $18 each.

• Cabs here are cheap. From each family house to the school you wont be payning more than 10 dollars ( no more than 170 pesos).

• Most of the services work with credit card but it will always be good if you ask before you do your payment if they agree to accept them.

• Do not bring your original documents with you, just a copy of your passport.

• Hospitals are free so you dont have to pay any fees. Hospital Urgencias y Hospital San Roque etc.

• A few people speak english so you should know some basic spanish to get around the city.

• We say “hi” and “goodbye” with a kiss in the chic. Try not to avoid kisses this is very rude.

• It is very common to have fisical contact during a conversation: touching arm, shoulder, hand etc.

• People shout here when they talk, dont be afraid of doing the same. This is very common here dont be afraid!!

• We have breakfast from 8 to 10 am. Lunch from 12 to 14 pm and dinner from 22 to 24hrs. Try to eat something around 17pm maybe some MATE so that you dont feel hungry at 20pm!!!

• Try all argentinean food! We are very proud of our culinary traditions!

• If an argentinian invites you to his/her house is it rude not to bring something like a bottle of wine, some dessert etc.

• We go out dancing at 2am in the morning… and we get back home at 7am .. very late!!! We go out to have sth to drink around 12pm.

• If you are in an emergency you can contact Sabrina mobile number 156114126. For international calls: +5493516114126.

Bolsas de estudos?? Check 

Please remember that we are here to help you and that we will be glad to assist you in any situation.

Contact us

We are here!! Click for map!
We would be thrilled to receive you in CORDOBA! 

Our address is Tucuman 443, CORDOBA, Argentina xp 5000.

If you want to send a package please remember it takes from 2 to 3 months to arrive. 

Our email is, office phone number: 00543514224692. For emergencies: 005493516114126.

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¡Hola! Soy mensajero por el día, aspirante a actor por la noche, y este es mi blog. Vivo en Madrid, tengo un perrazo llamado Duque y me gustan las piñas coladas (y que me pille un chaparrón)

…o algo así:

La empresa XYZ se fundó en 1971 y ha estado ofreciendo “cosas” de calidad al público desde entonces. Situada en Madrid, XYZ emplea a más de 2.000 personas y hace todo tipo de cosas sorprendentes para la comunidad de Madrid.

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