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About us

ABLE Español and Integral de Idiomas have combined efforts to offer the most novel and effective Spanish Courses, and the most efficient professional internships programs thanks to a real work project previously developed in each one of the companies that integrate this program of international learning.

Integral de Idiomas was founded in 1967 in the city of Cordoba. This institution consists in two schools in the city and thousands of graduate students worldwide. Its trajectory is recognized in the province and its international network includes associated schools in different countries from all continents.

With the experience of 38 years in teaching languages, we have developed innovative programs with a Super Holistic learning method that allows the student to know the language from inside, adapting the contents to his/her own speed of learning and needs. Its main characteristic is their flexibility, and this is the base of their effectiveness and speed to assimilate the new language in a long lasting way.

Our teachers are not only strongly trained to teach Spanish, but are also people of whom we are proud, since throughout these years they have proved to be of excellent human quality. Their intercultural experiences contribute to break down any type of barrier that could exist, becoming real guides and friends of the students.

The size of our courses also allows a customized tuition for each student, discovering their specific learning skills and motivations to accelerate the process and to make the acquisition of new knowledge even more effective.

Hundreds of students have helped us throughout the years to develop updated courses; this is the reason why extra activities are added to the strong grammar practice including conversational interrelation with native speakers. The language is learned in real communication contexts. In addition, the cultural activities programmed allow the students to have a vision of the Argentine culture from inside enjoying each experience and discovering the local way of life.

Our organization is like a family that offers each student an integrating frame that facilitates immersion in the local society. Because our students are part of this family, and because the family of ABLE Español is the base of our success, we invite you to take part of this adventure of learning Spanish as an Argentinean.

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