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ABLE Español is a special department of Integral de Idiomas, an educative organization that has been teaching languages as a second language for 38 years to thousands of students that today enjoy different cultures all over the world, thanks to the effectiveness of our teaching methods.

All of our teachers are native speakers, highly trained and experienced in the area of teaching Spanish as a second language, meanwhile, the courses are flexible, adapting to what each student needs.

Therefore, if your goal is to learn Spanish quickly, in a distended environment and, at the same time, be part of the Argentine culture you need a school that really knows the meaning of teaching a new language.

In addition, our professional internships are characterized by the seriousness of the institutions with which we work. All of them provide specific projects for you to develop your professional abilities and guide you with a continuous work process.

We know that your objective is to find an institution that offers the quality that you are looking for, therefore our trajectory backs us at the moment of providing all the services in order to make of this experience a true cultural immersion.

Our Services:

  • Spanish Immersion Programs
  • Internships Programs
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Combined Language Programs
  • Accommodation Services
  • Turist Services

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