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General Information

What is an Internship?

This is a program specially designed for you to acquire experience in a specific area and endow your knowledge, while also learning another language.

Our internships are totally customized according to your professional knowledge and expectations. ABLE Español will give you a position in a company or organization where you can develop a special project from which you will gain experience, knowledge and very important contacts.

These professional internships imply a process of bi-directional learning, in which the organization or company who receives you enriches its daily work through the previous experiences of a foreign intern, while you, increase your knowledge, experience work in a different culture and learn a new language.

Internships in ABLE Español are not rented since labour regulations in Argentina would require a special work permit that would take a very long and bureaucratic process that would not fit with the objectives of this program.

The duration of these internships is a minimum of two months and a maximum of one year. Once the intern has finished his/her practice, he/she will have the possibility of initiating a new one in another company or organization if it is his/her wish.

There are only two requirements to participate in this program:

  • To have a previous qualification; practical or academic, in the area in which the development of the program is intended.
  • To have an intermediate knowledge of the Spanish language; this is necessary so that the communication in the company or organization allows the development of the programmed tasks.

Why doing an Internship with ABLE Español?

ABLE not only gives you the possibility of doing internships in first level companies and organizations, but also designs them specially for you. Your expectations are top priority when looking for an internship, for that reason, once we have information about your personal profile, our team altogether with the organization, will develop a special project for you to carry out during the program.

During the whole program, ABLE Español will assign a tutor to whom you will be able to consult about any doubt you may have. Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable and to give you the support you need in order to make of this experience something unforgettable.

Why doing an Internship in Argentina?

Argentina is one of the most developed countries of Latin America, promoting therefore the establishment of big companies and national and international organizations of diverse areas. Because of this situation, the demand of professionals to cover different positions in many areas has grown in a great proportion.

Due to the favourable exchange, Argentina is a country with a low life cost for those who come to visit us from other countries. This allows interns not only to gain professional experience but also be part of several extra activities at the same time.

On the other hand, Cordoba is the second city of the country according to its size, population and economic development. It combines the dynamism of the great cities with the security and the space for relaxation that is hardly found in larger cities.

Direct benefits of your Internship with ABLE Español

  • An international experience that will help you to develop new abilities related to your professional orientation and empower those that you already have.
  • Participation in projects within companies and organizations, that will have further value on the academic and labour range once incorporated in your Resume.
  • Guarantee about all formal and legal requirements for the development of this program.
  • Certificate of participation in the program of professional internships of ABLE Español along with a recommendation letter with the detail of your performance, made altogether by your tutor and the host organization or company.
  • Personal tutor throughout the program to give you counsel and to help you in the adaptation process to a new work atmosphere and a new culture.
  • Possibility of improving your Spanish language skills through the courses that ABLE Español offers.
  • Multiplicity of extracurricular social and cultural activities.
  • Possibility of renting accommodation services through ABLE Español lodging department.

Areas of professional development

These are some of the areas in which our interns have already developed their activities. Remember that our internships are totally customized; therefore we can arrange positions for you in many other areas that may not be listed below.

Social Assistance
International Business and Foreign Trade
Graphic Design
Language teaching

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