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ABLE Español offers a wide range of activities for you to take part in during the period of your chosen program.

  • Tango Lessons: Learn argentine’s typical dance, Tango, taught by the most qualified professors, in the most comfortable environment and with help of ABLE Español that makes everything easier.
  • Salsa Lessons: Learn some of the most colorful Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Merengue; the most typical dances of Argentina such as Folk, Cuarteto, all taught by most acknowledged professors.
  • Cooking Lessons: you can learn how to cook typical Argentinean dishes and delight your family and friends with a mixture of flavors of a different culture.
  • Special Celebrations: our school holds various celebrations throughout the year, and different activities are developed to celebrate each party in which costumes, games, among others play an important role in the contribution to your enjoyment.
  • Seminars: ABLE Español gives a variety of seminars on different topics for you to be part of. Your point of view is essential for the enrichment of each seminar, and at the same time, your knowledge will be further enhanced by the contribution of the speakers’ points of view.
  • Art Tour: For art lovers, there are organized visits to the major galleries and museums of the city, guided by experts in the different areas.
  • Adventure Tour: The fact that the hills are only minutes away, allows us to organize on a regular basis many outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, paragliding, horse-back riding or just simply an “asado” or camping out in the fresh air.

These are some of the acivities that our school offers for you to enjoy to the max your experience in Argentina, and at the same time, turning it into an unforgettable one.


City Tour

Getting to know the historical points of the city will only take a short time. Visit the San Martín main square, the Town hall, the Cathedral, the famous Cañada - icon of the city -, San Martín Theatre and governmental buildings, all of which, and because of their architecture, represent a historical landmark in the development of the arts in Cordoba. In addition, you will visit the Capuchinos Church, the University City, the Sarmiento Park, the Olympic Domo, the Environmental University, the Botanical Gardens, and typical districts like the Cerro de las Rosas or Nueva Cordoba.

Later, walk around the Jesuit Buildings in Cordoba, declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, which includes briefings of the history of the Church of the Company of Jesus, the old University Rectory, present Historical Museum of the University, and the Monserrat School.

Jesus Maria and Colonia Caroya

This tour is considered to be "exquisite", not only for the beautiful landscapes and places full of culture and history, but also for the typical village meals you will be delighted to taste. This city is home of the National Taming and Folklore Festival, a typically “gaucho” event.

This adventure will take you to the Jesuit National Museum of Jesus Maria, to a beautiful town called Colonia Caroya (well-known by its wineries and vineyards and the “salames” of Italian origin), and to the Jesuit Estancia "Casa de Caroya".

Alta Gracia

This city, located a few kilometres away from the city of Cordoba, has an excellent climate which turns it into a much chosen destination by the people who wish to rest and to contemplate wonderful natural surroundings. Its origin goes back to the time of the Spanish colonization, and its architecture is the live track of the beginning of last century, with baroque tendencies that create a unique romantic air.

The route includes the Monument to Myriam Stefford, the visit to the Tajamar (artificial lake constructed by the Jesuits), to the Jesuit Estancia, the Historical Museum House of the Virrey Liniers, the Manuel de Falla Museum, the Virgin of Lourdes, and the House of Che Guevara.

Jesuit Triangle

This trip combines great part of the Jesuit legacy of the province, visiting the Jesuit Estancia "Casa de Caroya", the San Isidro Jesuit Museum, a stroll by Colonia Caroya (Italian colony), continuing to the Santa Catalina Stay, Ascochinga and the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, La Granja, Villa Animi, Agua de Oro, Manzano, to finish at the Candonga Chapel, Rio Ceballos.

La Cumbrecita

This small town is located in one of the most natural and beautiful regions of the province. Surrounded by pine forests, natural streams and waterfalls, is the only pedestrian town of the country, where vehicles cannot enter its streets.

The route also includes the Monument to Myriam Stefford, in Alta Gracia, a visit to Anisacate, and the Lake and Dock Los Molinos, Los Reartes and Villa Berna, and also a stop in Villa general Belgrano, a typical German colony.

Cerro Colorado

This excursion is the favourite of archaeology lovers, since the Cerro Colorado is famous by its pictographic reservoirs, one of the most important of South America. Nevertheless, the route begins with visits to the “gaucho” city of Jesus Maria, then continues to Villa del Totoral, where famous painters and poets as Pablo Neruda found the perfect atmosphere for their majestic creations.

These are some of the towns that preserve traditions and resist the passing of time. In addition, you will visit the House of Don Atahualpa Yupanqui, one of the most recognized musicians of Argentina. After that, more than 30 thousand native pictographies will be waiting for you at Cerro Colorado to show you some of the pre-Columbian traditions in these 3000 hectares National Park.

Cerro Uritorco: energy and nature

Located in Capilla Del Monte, the Uritorco is considered one of the most important energy centres of the planet. Its natural beauty is reason enough to visit it, with its forests covered with native species, a stony mountain way, with rustic corners and magical surroundings. It is a magnificent hiking route.

Quebrada Del Condorito: owners of the sky

The National Park “quebrada del Condorito” is a gigantic crack of vertical walls, crowded with “tabaquillos” and “maitenes” that lodges the greatest bird of the world: the Andean Cóndor. The circuits within this park are varied, although an underground stream, the small cascades, and the wild and natural geography of the place stand out.

Los Gigantes

This impressive mountainous structure has spectacular footpaths to practise all kinds of adventure sports. Los Gigantes, with his characteristic wooded hills, is an ancient rocky formation that rises at the Mountain ranges, and where you will be able to go through circuits that combine hiking and climbing through beautiful footpaths, crossing underground cascades, streams and valleys, rivers and caves to finally rest by the sun in a magnificent natural atmosphere of the “Cerro de la Cruz”.

Cerro Champaquí

Cerro Champaquí is the perfect option for those who love extreme sports. Its top, at about 3000 meters of height, is the inn of a spectacular view; just a few meters form the sky. The circuit includes trekking crossing caves and cascades, towards the top of the hill. The excursion, of two days minimum, includes one night in a mountain shelter.

Country Day

Special for those who are looking for a rest away from the city. A day outdoors in a beautiful place at the Mountain ranges of Cordoba, enjoying fresh air in a rural establishment where different activities will be developed, including horse-back rides, long walks etc. All this will be followed by “mate”, homemade bread and a typical Argentine “asado”.

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