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Agencia Córdoba Turismo

Turismo Córdoba Ciudad

Córdoba Ciudad - Gobierno de la Ciudad

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Able Spanish
The best options to choose from: host families, student residences, and shared apartments

Cursos de Español:
Customized Spanish… Tailor made courses …. Full immersion… Spanish for medicine…. Spanish for art…… Spanish for business

Quienes Somos:
38 years joining cultures… 38 years teaching languages…..Able Spanish, a whole new world at your finger tips.

Actividades Extra
Tango, cooking classes, art, adventure and Spanish!

info@ablespanish.com, your direct connection with Argentina and the Spanish language.

Otros Servicios
Specially trained teachers, innovative methods and the best facilities. Able Español.

Por qué Córdoba
History, adventure and university life. Cordoba, the perfect balance.

La Escuela
2 schools, 18 classrooms and all the services you need to learn Spanish in as little time as possible.

Por qué Argentina
Argentina, the perfect combination of Spanish, landscapes, culture and amazing prices.


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