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General information

Our courses are oriented to those students who do not only want to learn Spanish but also want to live it. Classes are combined with varied social and cultural activities that allow a complete immersion in the Argentineans way of life.

All the learning aspects are included in our programs that are especially designed for foreign students (reading, writing, understanding and conversation); all of them will also be applied in real life communicational situations. In addition, we have incorporated the possibility of taking specialized courses in finances, art, culture, history, medicine among others, which will extend the perspective of the students.

Our Courses

New courses will begin every Monday for the 6 different levels that we offer at ABLE Español. In order to determine your Spanish level you will have to take an examination the first day of class; this will also enable us to know your needs and individual interests when integrating you to classes.

The reduced number of students per class (maximum 5) allows us to offer specialized attention and assures fast and effective language learning.

The classes are held from Monday through Friday and you can decide the duration of your course. In case that you need assistance in making this decision, our team of teachers and advisors will be able to help you anytime.

Our teachers – ABLE Español Methodology

Our teachers are native speakers, professionals and experienced in the teaching of Spanish as a second language; in addition, their intercultural experiences help them to break down any type of barrier that could exist, becoming themselves real guides and friends of the students.

ABLE Español has successfully applied the holistic learning method, empowering the auditive, visual and kinetic capacities of each student through these techniques. It is an innovating method used by the best educative institutions of the world.

Our academic program specially designed for foreign students, in combination with a multiplicity of extracurricular activities, allows a complete, updated and continuous learning process of the Spanish language.

Didactic Material

Our team of professionals has designed the didactic material exclusively for ABLE Español in order to include all the aspects of the learning process, to deal with updated subjects, idioms, and to prepare you in case that you want to take international examinations of Spanish proficiency.


  • One to One
  • Spanish immersion
  • Spanish Full Immersion
  • Spanish and Special Contents
  • Spanish for Travelers

Start dates and Holidays

Classes begin every Monday for all levels. In case that you decide to begin another day, you can choose individual classes to start and then, if you wish so, join a group.

The school will remain closed by holidays in the following dates: (Easter, May 25th , June 20th , August 17th , October 12th , December 8th , December 25th and January 1st ). Take into consideration that holidays can be moved to previous or nets days, according to directions form the government.

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