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Why Argentina

There are many things that attract thousands of tourists to Argentina every year: tango, landscapes, gauchos, incredibly low prices. But each Spanish student who chooses our country knows exactly that it is the full complement of these things, and specially their variety, that makes Argentina an extremely interesting destination.

Variety of cultures within a same border; variety of architectures within a same city; variety of landscapes, from desert mountains to immense waterfalls and glaciers; variety of traditions, from the gaucho from the Pampas to the tango of the great cities; artistic variety, from the most typical pre-Columbian crafts to the post modern and most avant-garde European tendencies. Thus, Argentina is a destiny that never stops being interesting, even for those most demanding.

As the eighth greater country of the world, this land is characterized by the kindness of its people, always eager to open the doors of their homes to the tourists, to share their traditions and culture. And at the same time, it becomes really easy to travel across the whole country thanks to the airports located in the main capitals and tourist points, and because of the availability of first level busses that connect not only big cities, but also the most remote towns in a very well organized network.

Its capital is well-known by its sophistication and glamour, resemblance of European capitals such as Paris or Madrid. There are so many options that you can spend days visiting its museums, parks, historical centers, bars, discos and still need more time to visit new places.

The variety of climates of the country also makes possible an enormous variety of natural landscapes such as: The imposing Perito Moreno Glacier, the majestic Iguazú Falls, the mystic Quebrada de Humahuaca, the vastness of Patagonia and the Mountain range of Los Andes; Bariloche and Mendoza with their internationally known skiing centers and vineyards, and the “city of the end of the world”, Ushuaia. This list is only a small view of an enormous amount of options.

The local culture includes great exponents and legends that have exceeded the national limits. From the mythical figure of Ernesto "Che" Guevara to Eva Perón; from Maradona to Carlos Gardel; all of them have left an Argentine landmark along the world.

This is Argentina, diverse, full of culture, art, enjoyment and mysteries to discover. Are you ready for this challenge?

Outstanding places and Activities

  • The Perito Moreno Glacier in southern province of Santa Cruz.
  • The Iguazú Falls in the beautiful and natural province of Misiones.
  • The mystical “Quebrada de Humahuaca” in Jujuy.
  • The Jesuit Ruins in Cordoba, recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.
  • Visits to the internationally recognized vineyards in Mendoza.
  • Skiing at the beautiful Bariloche.
  • A trip to Ushuaia, the "city of the end of the world".
  • Enjoying Buenos Aires architecture and sophistication.
  • Having "mate" (typical drink of the country) with the locals.
  • To eat “Asado” sharing one of the most known traditions of this country.
  • A visit to the amazing Moon Valley in San Juan.

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