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Why spanish

Breaking down barriers: enter to the world of Spanish...

The importance of Spanish language resides mainly in knowing the language that almost 500 million people speak, and that also has an impressive cultural and historical value; a remarkable influence for international businesses, and a decisive importance for international relations.

Even when it is the official language in 22 countries, its development has been greater as the second most spoken language within countries that design the course of international finances, such as the United States, where the Hispanic population has grown 60 percent more in only one decade, becoming the second greater community of immigrants in that country.

Europe does not escape this tendency. Countries like Germany, France, England and Italy, with strong cultural and commercial ties with Spanish speaking countries, have increased their scholarships programs so that students travel to learn Spanish as a second language.

In addition, it has become one of the essential languages for international businesses with countries like Spain, Mexico, Argentina and even the United States at the top of those businesses. Spanish is therefore the second most spoken language in international affairs, being the second most important after English.

Spanish has a decisive importance in international relations, being the official language of UNESCO, and being published through 16,429 periodic publications, 972 newspapers, 254 TV channels and 5,112 radio stations.

On the other hand, the influence of the Latin American culture is remarkable as regards history, literature, architecture and art. Every day thousands of people go through routes of Central and South America being astonished by the pre-Columbian cultural wealth, and surprised by the architecture. As for literature, only matters to say that "Don Quijote de la Mancha" by Miguel de Cervantes is the second most translated book to other languages, only exceeded by the Bible.

For all these reasons, Spanish Courses demand has tripled in the last years, stimulating a flow of travelers who look for a qualification in a second language through a quick and effective cultural immersion. That is what ABLE Español offers to you; the possibility to break down barriers and enter a surprising world.

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